Hombre acusado de hechar "mal ojo" es asesinado en la costa caribeña de Méjico

CANCUN, Mexico — Two men have confessed to brutally killing a man who made his living practicing witchcraft because they believed he had put an "evil eye" on a relative, officials on Mexico's Caribbean coast said Monday.

The two men, and a third who remained at large Monday, stabbed 28-year-old Lucas Dominguez seven times, crushed his skull with a rock and tried to burn his body, according to Luis Raymundo Canche, assistant prosecutor for Quintana Roo state. The attack occurred Saturday near the resort of Cancun.

Canche said Pedro Nunez Alvarez, 24, and Gustavo Perez Nunez, 19, were arrested Sunday and that both confessed, blaming Dominguez for the suicide of Nunez Alvarez's father.

"The victim made his living practicing witchcraft and had given the 'evil eye' to the suspects' relative, to such an extent that the spell eventually killed him," Canche said.

The suspects — all of whom are related — said they acted partly in self-defense because they feared Dominguez could cast a similar spell on them, according to the prosecutor.

The men told investigators they wrapped Dominguez's body in a sheet and were preparing to "purify" his corpse with fire, but fled the scene after hearing noises.

Es por noticias como esta que he creado este blog. En un mundo donde todos piensan criticamente, donde las personas aprenden a llegar a conclusiones basados en evidencia, la gente dejaria de creer en brujerias, vodoo y otros inventos religiosos y místicos.


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